This project; also being my B.Sc. project, was developed in the spring of 2009 by my developer group and myself.

The focus was on developing teaching material for the public schools in Denmark by integrating theories on multiple intelligences ;primarily Dunn and Gardner, presented by augmented reality.

Core components: Curriculum about our solar system. ARToolkit. Computer screen/ Smartboard. Webcam.

For prototyping purposes, we created a 30 paged teaching book consisting of a detailed curriculum about our solar system and 3d animations.  One of the selling points was to investigate the motivational factor in having 3D graphics visualised as if generated from the pages. Wikipedia says the following about augmented reality. The project is discontinued, but elements regarding motivational learning and methods in testing are still a strong part of my current work. I believe, that in these modern times we need to develop tools to not only motivate students, but also enhance the overall learning effect by incorporating better visualization methods and mechanics. It is a daunting task, hence the largest barrier is the teaching staff; the children already use computers confidently.

This was tested on a  5th class (aged 11 - 13) on Sofiendalskolen, Aalborg.

"it is not about high fidelity or low fidelity, but about the right fidelity" - B. Buxton

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